Welcome to the British 'N' Gauge Resource site

This aim of this site is to provide information on British diesel-era 'N' Gauge models - from late 1950s up to now. The site starts in the BR Crimson/Cream era through to BR Blue/Grey and onwards via EWS and DRS to the upcoming rail companies.

In the early years of N Gauge the main suppliers were , Graham Farish, Lima (originaly distributed as Wrenn), Hornby and Peco. Peco have remained mainly supplying wagons and track/accessories, Minitrix no longer produces British outline and Graham Farish have expanded dramatically mainly due to their takeover by Bachmann. Dapol joined the market in 2004 and have push the standards forwards and now offer an enormous range.

The gauge continues to move forwards with Hornby re-entering the market through Arnold, DJ Models planning to fill some of the diesel locomotive gaps and Revolutiontrains planning a range based on crowd funding.

It has taken some time but the site is now coming together in a much more flexible and updated format, the Dapol section is completed and work on the Bachmann section is progressing well.

Latest Locomotives Updated
Bachmann - 371-828B
> Class 47/0 - BR Blue
Bachmann - 371-825B
> Class 47/0 - BR Two Tone Green - SYP
Bachmann - 371-034
> Class 20/0 - BR Railfreight Grey (Red Stripe)
Bachmann - 371-033
> Class 20/0 - BR Green - SYP
Bachmann - 370-070
> Class 42 - BR Green - NYP/E
Latest Multiple Units Updated
Dapol N - ND210D
> Class 122 - BR Green - SYP
Dapol N - ND210C
> Class 122 - BR Green - Whiskers
Dapol N - ND210B
> Class 122 - BR Blue/Grey
Dapol N - ND210A
> Class 122 - Regional Railways
Dapol N - 2D-009-102
> Class 121 - BR Blue/Grey
Latest Coaches Updated
Bachmann - 374-085A
> Mk1 BCK - BR Blue/Grey
Bachmann - 374-084A
> Mk1 BCK - BR Maroon
Bachmann - 370-500
> Mk1 FO - BR Blue/Grey
Bachmann - 370-500
> Mk1 BSK - BR Blue/Grey
Dapol N - 2P-000-302
> Collett BG - BR Crimson/Cream
Latest Wagons Updated
Dapol N - NGK42-9
> ZZA Snowplough - BR Triple Grey
Dapol N - NGK42-10
> ZZA Snowplough - BR Black with Scotty Dog
Dapol N - 2F-010-004
> JNA Bogie Ballast Hopper - Network Rail
Dapol N - 2F-010-003
> JNA Bogie Ballast Hopper - Network Rail
Dapol N - 2F-010-002
> JNA Bogie Ballast Hopper - Network Rail